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If you call me in to help you with a problem, the first thing I’ll do is ask you lots of questions. Yes, I do have a preferred, and constantly evolving, toolbox of ideas, processes, applications and systems, but there’s no way I could suggest any particular way of doing things until I really know what you need.

Right at the start, even before you engage us, I’ll be raising questions that are designed to help you think through what you’re already doing, so that you can then have a better idea of what it is you might want me to do.

Typical things I’ll ask will include:

  • Who are your “customers”?
  • What “products” and “services” are you offering to your customers?
  • Who and what are your drivers for change?
  • How is your success measured? Does this measure the most important things? If not, why?
  • How are you ensuring you are getting maximum value from your existing learning technology systems, tools, people and processes?
  • How do you ensure your current learning technology landscape is able to keep pace with changes in how people wish to work and learn, with changes in how your organisation operates, and with changes in the underlying technologies?
  • When you work with internal and external technology suppliers, do they understand what you need? Do you understand how their offerings might fit into your context? Would it help to have someone who speaks both languages in the room?

Let’s talk!

Posted: 20 March 2013

Tags: Projects