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A guest post by @CraigTaylor74.

Many organizations see mobile learning as something new, difficult or expensive!

  • Where do they start?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is there an audience for this?

The ironic thing is your organisation has probably already started its mobile learning journey, but given the misleading perception that mobile learning is ‘traditional eLearning on a mobile device’ you may not have realised it.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can start to maximise your mobile presence:


Have you looked at your external website on a smartphone?

How does it look?

Are you having to do lots of ‘pinching, zooming and panning’ to read it?

If so, then your site isn’t optimised for mobile viewing, or ‘mobile friendly’. Given the increase in mobile web browsing do you really want to take the chance that somebody will find your site on a smartphone, struggle to view it and then move on elsewhere?

Action: Try viewing this site on a desk top/laptop/tablet and then view it on a smartphone – see the difference? Now try it on your site.

Internal platforms

Having considered your external audience, try turning your attention to internally. Take a look at your Learning Management System / Virtual Learning Environment / Intranet / Social platform etc.

How do they shape up from a mobile perspective?

Do you really want to limit your employees’ engagement and interaction to when they’re sat at their desk?

Action: Take a look at your internal platforms from a tablet and smartphone. Are they mobile friendly? If not, why not get in contact with your provider and have a chat?

Social Media

The vast majority of social media platforms are built with ‘mobile’ in mind. This means that that you have a ready made mobile solution for your communications, learning activities etc all without any additional cost to yourselves.

Not only that, but Social Media use is experiencing phenomenal growth, which means it’s highly likely that’s where your customers eyes are; can you really afford not to be making the most of these fantastic mobile opportunities?

Action: Ascertain whether you’re utilising any Social Media platforms. If not, now’s the time to get started! If you are, are you truly maximising their potential and tapping into the mobile market?

SMS / text messaging

If you haven’t checked out our recent post on SMS, then take a look for some great ideas on how text messaging can allow you to, very easily, tap into the mobile revolution.

Curated apps

Many organisations make significant investments in creating bespoke mobile solutions and yet the answer to their (and your) problems may already exist in the form of a publicly-available mobile app!

Action: Review your organization’s challenges and work, take a look around the various app stores for solutions to those challenges and then direct people to them.

For example:

  • Business travel – various apps that will help with road, rail, tube and air travel.
  • Shift work – numerous apps that will allow people to input their shift patterns and provide additional contextual support for shift workers.
  • Leadership and Management – there are stacks of apps available that could be used as part of a formal leadership programme or as ‘just in time’ support for managers.

If you’d like any assistance with starting your mobile journey or want to sense-check your current position, please contact us.



Posted: 25 October 2013

Tags: Technology Supplier selection