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Over the past few years a number of tools designed to help people author elearning materials have come to the market.

The main ones in use seem to be Articulate, Articulate Storyline and Captivate – although there are plenty of others also designed, like these, for individual learning designers. Some are software applications that you download, others are browser-based.

There are also some really high-end tools that have features like team workflows, version control, reuse of content chunks, collaborative authoring and single-source publishing.

I’ve been looking at the Xerte project for quite a while, and promoting it to my clients. It’s an open-source server-based authoring tool – used in over 100 universities and other organisations worldwide. I’m really impressed with its capabilities and would recommend you give it a try (being open-source there’s no cost involved apart from a bit of time and effort).

I’m thinking about investing time and resources into Xerte to make it an even better system, but would first like to get a feel for what you need from a tool like this.

I’ve created a simple survey that’s designed to help me understand your priorities for an elearning authoring tool. I’ll happily share the results – just leave your email address.

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Posted: 01 December 2013

Tags: Content management Technology Learning