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On 4th April, the Elearning Network are hosting an event about Learning Management Systems and Tin Can.

To be honest, the Tin Can bit is the biggest component – because learning data is far more than just about the LMS. It’s about what content people are looking at on the intranet, what they’re searching for, what they’re asking on the corporate social network, what online meetings they’ve attended, and how well they’re performing in their jobs.

I’ve got some great speakers booked. People who can get right to the heart of what Tin Can (also known, much less interestingly, as Experience API) is about.

You’ll be able to ask them the pithy questions about what Tin Can might mean to you and your organisation.

When you come to the event, bring a can or two of food. For two reasons:

  1. It’ll be a way of recognising other Tin Canners on the tube… :-)
  2. I’ll be donating all the tin cans to the All Souls lunch club for vulnerable elderly people

The event is kindly sponsored by my friends at Unicorn Training.

Posted: 13 March 2014

Tags: Learning xAPI