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I’d like to thank you for working with me over the past year, and to wish you a Happy Christmas and an exciting New Year!

I’ve had a lot of fun, working with some very interesting clients.

My projects have included:

  • Successfully managing a major Moodle upgrade, complete with redesigned web service integrations for an international online TEFL training company
  • Developing a 5 year learning technology strategy for a large government department
  • Providing technology and business solution design services for a public/private joint venture as it rolls out a new, global learning product
  • Advising on the procurement of a new training administration and delivery platform for a health education charity
  • Project managing a complex Moodle and Learning Locker implementation for a global media organisation, as part of their partner agency training and support programme
  • Coordinating an Elearning Network workshop focussed on xAPI and its implications on strategy and learning design

In my spare time(!), I’ve supplemented these with a number of smaller advisory and consultancy projects, usually offering telephone and email support for system procurements and implementations.

xAPI (Tin Can API)

This year has seen xAPI (also known as Tin Can) really come to the fore, with clients beginning to understand its capabilities and how it can completely change the way I think about supporting learning.

No longer are I constrained by what the Learning Management System offers. Now, any system I are using (not just the LMS) can play a part in helping me understand what people know and how they behave. This can then help me more effectively target specific interventions.

Lean Learning

As I move into 2015 I’m continuing with some of the projects listed above, two of which have xAPI right at the centre.

Combined with this, I’m developing my thinking around “Lean Learning“.

The concepts of lean manufacturing and lean service delivery have been around for a while now. They have made a massive impact in those organisations which have adopted the whole philosophy (and not just the tools).

Working with Sean Buckland, a lean expert, I are exploring what lean looks like in the learning context. What does it mean for design, administration and delivery? How do I maximise the effect of my efforts and minimise waste?

If you’d like to explore this with us, please consider joining me on February 26th in Birmingham for our Lean Learning masterclass.

This highly interactive and practical day will give you ideas and concepts which you can immediately take away to apply in your particular context.

The Early Bird ticket prices finish on December 31st, so book your tickets now for a great deal.

I hope you have a good break during the next couple of weeks, and look forward to working with you over the next year!

Posted: 23 December 2014

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