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I spent an inspiring morning at The Welcome Conference in Derby on Saturday, with speakers from Upbeat Communities, the Red Cross, Derby Refugee Advice Centre, Paragon Law and Boaz Trust. They were joined by people who have been, or are going, through the UK’s asylum seeking processes.

As a company I have supported Boaz Trust for a while now, particularly as they campaign nationally about the destitution of asylum seekers and refugees. This is usually caused by administrative processes in different departments that are not joined up, and need much more focus on the value they provide the customer (lean or systems thinking would make a massive difference here!)

Don’t listen to the newspaper headlines about asylum seekers, which generally have a very negative view – take a look at the facts and figures from the Red Cross instead.

The video below paints a picture of the work Boaz Trust does in Manchester. As soon as you dig into the personal stories of the people who have come to my country for safety, it’s hard not to be moved!

[Boaz Trust Promotional Film]2 from Finite Productions on Vimeo.

Posted: 23 March 2015

Tags: Charity