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In my thinking around learning technology implementation (see article 1 and article 2, I’ve been influenced heavily by a number of wider project management methodologies, such as Prince 2, Agile Software Development and Scrum.

It’s very easy just to focus on the “doing” of the implementation, but the preparation and follow-up are just as important.

You can see this in the “periodic table” shown below. Although it’s based on web-design, actually most, if not all, of these elements would apply in a learning technology implementation.

There are some things missing that you would probably want to include in a software implementation, for example:

  • software architecture
  • integrations
  • project roles

Even so, it’s a really useful guide to the things that need to be thought about.

Periodic Table of Web Design Process
Periodic Table of Web Design Process – created by
New Design Group

Posted: 20 April 2015

Tags: Projects