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Why invest in learning technology?

Organisations invest in Learning Technologies because they can, when used well:

  • Reduce the total costs of learning to the business – particularly by reducing travel and print costs, and increasing administrative efficiency
  • Increase flexibility – in terms of when and where learning materials and expertise can be accessed
  • Provide useful data upon which decisions can be made
  • Help to engage and motivate

However, when used inappropriately or poorly, learning technologies can have the opposite effect:

  • Increasing costs through expensive equipment that is under-used
  • Reducing flexibility by relying on proprietary technologies
  • Collecting large quantities of meaningless data
  • Demotivating employees who are used, in their lives outside work, to on-demand support at the point of need

Where should I spend my money?

Organisations that are using learning technology well will tend to invest in more than just the technology itself. They will spend money on:

  • Infrastructure – primarily wireless network connectivity
  • Platforms – the software through which employees will access learning materials, administrative processes and people
  • Content – a mix of lots of rapidly-developed, focussed content (not necessarily “elearning”) with a short lifespan and low production values, along with small numbers of bespoke content items with a long lifespan and high production values
  • Equipment – a mix of lots of low cost devices to produce, consume and communicate in the field, along with small numbers of higher cost devices for specialist, location-centred use
  • People – training and support for those who will be producing, leading and administrating, plus investment in online and face-to-face coaching, mentoring and curating

It’s important to get the balance right, as failure to invest in one of these elements appropriately will often lead to a failed initiative.

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Posted: 05 July 2015

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