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This week’s Elearning Network event focusses on New Directions in Learning. my session within the day is going to be looking at a number of areas which have the potential to make a massive difference to how I do L&D within my organisations.

On the day, attendees will have the opportunity to choose which areas they want to focus on. So it will be worth having a think beforehand about their potential impact in your organisation. The videos below should give an introduction to each topic:

Augmented reality

Consider how you would teach someone to do this task without the augmented reality system:

Ubiquitous video

Consider how you would teach someone to do this task without video. What would it cost?

Open badges

The video describes “Open badges” as an enabling technology. What does it enable?

Take a look at the top 500 sites on the internet. Of the top 20, how many have search at the centre?

How do you use the internet? Where do you start when you need to find out something?

Where do people start when they’re at work?

Experience API

If I can collect learner tracking data from any system, why do I need an LMS?


Try out some of the H5P examples.

Consider how you might use them if you could add things like this to your intranet, and track their usage in a Learning Record Store?

Content management

Content management systems (CMS) enable:

  • Separation of content from presentation (meaning that content can be reused in multiple outputs, such as web, mobile, ebook, print)
  • Chunking of content (meaning that content chunks can be reused in multiple places)
  • Version control (meaning that you should always be able to see who made what change and when)
  • Publishing workflow (meaning that the process of authoring, review, editing and publishing can be automated and distributed efficiently)
  • Searchability (most CMS’s allow content to be tagged and indexed automatically, ready for searching)

For more see: 10 reasons why your business needs a CMS

Why do I in L&D continue to make standalone pieces of content without making use of CMS’s?

Posted: 14 July 2015

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