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Apart from providing a useful point in the calendar to catch up with friends and colleagues from around the L&D industry, World of Learning’s unique and eclectic mix of exhibitors usually throws up some interesting new technologies.

Unlike the Learning Technologies show, all exhibitors at World of Learning are constrained to the same sized stand. This level playing field gives suppliers an opportunity to explore the market without having to compete head-to-head against the larger, established players.

When I attend shows like this, I tend to go with a plan &emdash; based on the show brochure. Rather than traipse up and down the rows of stands, I pick out key ones that look like they’re going to be interesting.

As an aside, this is often made somewhat difficult by the utterly bland nature of the blurb that some suppliers put into the brochure…

There were four suppliers that stood out to me, so I made a beeline to them:


Now this was impressive. I watched a live demo in which they:

  1. made a video from a webcam from inside the browser
  2. added additional media to display alongside the video
  3. added highlights (bookmarks) and quizzes to display during the video
  4. demonstrated that all the spoken words and media had been indexed and made available to an in-video search engine

Of course, the video was able to be embedded, shared or kept private - just as you’d expect.

Even more impressive is that they’ve thought about xAPI and built it in from the start…

Their showcase provides some useful examples.

Training Orchestra

Many learning management systems try to help organisations do all the administration required around training, but sometimes you need a specialist administration system.

Whether you’re operating a training department for an organisation, or for multiple clients, you will need some sort of administrative capability, including things like

  • Forecasting the training plan
  • Managing logistics
  • Managing communications with delegates, suppliers and staff
  • Managing the sales and marketing process
  • Managing the training catalogue
  • Managing certification

There are very few players in this particular market. Training Orchestra, already quite large in the French-speaking world, has started to market itself in the UK.

Worth checking out if you manage a traditional training business or department.


ViaTech have quite a difficult proposition to understand. You’ll only know you need their solution if you have a ViaTech-shaped hole in your organisation…

In a nutshell, they provide a software platform through which you can more efficiently organise, aggregate, deliver and track your digital publications.

Their promo video gives an outline of what they do, but it’s one of those products that will need a lot of conversation with them to see how it might fit your particular organisation.


I thought the Google Glass project had finished, but discovered that a number of companies are still working with it on specific, niche applications.

One of these is AMA &emdash; another one of a handful of French companies exhibiting at World of Learning this year.

Their product aims to help people who need high quality video solutions for remote working &emdash; such as medical teams who need a second opinion, or demonstrations of hands-on activity.

Not everyone will need this, but I can see it working really well in field-based maintenance and repair operations.

The video below provides an example application:

Posted: 01 October 2015

Tags: Technology