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I talk quite a bit about being independent consultants, but how does that work in practice, and what’s the benefit to my customers?

I work with a growing number of specialist suppliers who I trust to work to the same standards as I do. In a few cases I have agreements with those suppliers which allow me to provide solution design, implementation, training or consultancy services on their behalf. Where these agreements exist, I always disclose them to my clients.

I are always on the lookout for other suppliers who I can recommend to my customers.

Precisely who I bring in or recommend is dependent only on my customers’ particular requirements. I do not receive any commission or kick-backs for any introductions made.

In order to maintain integrity, my preference is to provide implementation, training etc services directly to the customer - especially in cases where I have had a relationship with the customer previously.

Sometimes, suppliers call me in to provide these sorts of services, which is fine when the relationship is clear - where I are working on behalf of the supplier.

However, from experience, I would recommend strongly that the key role in any implementation, the client’s project manager, has a direct relationship with the customer, and is not placed by the supplier. This keeps things clear and uncomplicated - especially in times where the PM needs to be firm with the supplier!

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Posted: 11 April 2016

Tags: Projects