Articles / Learning Technology Hopes for 2018

It’s that time when all good learning technology bloggers dust off their crystal balls and take a look at what might be coming up in the next year.

I won’t go as far as making predictions, but this is what I are hoping 2018 will bring:

  1. Organisations will spend 70% on systems, resources and people to motivate & support on-the-job learning, 20% on mentoring and coaching, and 10% on training and self-study programmes.
  2. Learning technology trade shows will have more than just the normal authoring tools, learning management systems and bespoke content services.
  3. I’ll see real examples of learning analytics that correlate on-the-job performance with learning activity.
  4. Trainers and educators will stop justifying practices based on pseudo-science. I’m looking at you NLP and learning styles!
  5. Organisations will realise that out-of-date, unsupported software is a data security risk.
  6. Compliance training will make more use of the Affective Context model to get people to change their behaviours.
  7. I’ll see a more user-focussed approach to designing and building learning services, systems and products.
  8. I’ll see more video-conferencing and virtual classroom products that do not rely on browser plugins.
  9. More organisations will adopt and embed a continuous improvement approach based on understanding the value they offer, reducing waste and iterating towards perfection.
  10. Learning technologists from across the education and corporate learning sectors will collaborate and learn from each other.

Posted: 08 December 2017

Tags: Learning Technology