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You’ve got your Moodle site setup and configured to meet your organisation’s needs. So now it’s time to introduce your team to it.

I’ve listed below some of the key skills that I would expect to cover in any basic training.

Leave the advanced training until later

These are basic skills. There’s a whole lot more to Moodle that people will need to learn. But you probably don’t need to cover all of that at the beginning. Hopefully a lot of that more advanced stuff will have been set up by your Moodle Solution Architect.

This isn’t everything you need

When launching a new Moodle site, there’s a lot to discuss and agree. Not least things like naming conventions, use of images, roles and responsibilities and text style. Often this comes up during training sessions. Ideally they’ll have been dealt with and agreed beforehand.


I’ve split the table into three distinct roles (which may all be the same person - but I hope not):

  1. Course designer/teacher - the person who creates the activities for the users of your Moodle site, and then tracks how those users are interacting with the activities. Note that this curriculum assumes people with this role are already able to design good teaching activities online.
  2. User administrator/support - this is a separate Moodle role that I usually define in the system. They’re able to setup users and provide support for common queries (eg. lost passwords, missing enrolments)
  3. System administrator - the person (ideally 2 people) who can make system-wide changes. The sort of role that could break the site if they’re not careful.


Category Learning objective Course designer/teacher User administrator/support System administrator
CoursesCreate an empty courseNoNoYes
CoursesAdd activities and resources to a course (Label, Page, Quiz, Assignment to start with)YesNoNo
CoursesBackup a courseYesNoYes
CoursesRestore a course from a backupYesNoYes
CoursesAdd a block to a courseYesNoYes
CoursesManage course categoriesNoNoYes
CoursesSet up grade itemsYesNoNo
CoursesSet up gradebook calculationsYesNoNo
CoursesManage scalesYesNoYes
CoursesReview grade reportsYesYesNo
CoursesReview completion reportsYesYesNo
CoursesManage activity completion settingsYesNoNo
CoursesManage course completion settingsYesNoNo
CoursesManage course item restrictionsYesNoNo
CoursesChoose a course formatYesNoNo
CoursesSort courses in a categoryNoNoYes
RolesDescribe the contexts in which a role can be addedYesYesYes
RolesAdd a role to a personYesYesYes
RolesDefine a new roleNoNoYes
RolesTroubleshoot rolesNoYesYes
RolesHide a block from usersYesNoYes
SystemManage site policy agreementsNoNoYes
SystemManage data protection requestsNoNoYes
SystemEdit the language packNoNoYes
SystemManage the front page settingsNoNoYes
SystemManage privacy settingsNoNoYes
SystemCreate user toursNoNoYes
User adminCreate the bulk upload spreadsheetNoYesNo
User adminRun the bulk user upload processNoNoYes
User adminManually add a userNoNoYes
User adminFind a user's accountNoYesYes
User adminLogin as another userNoYesYes
User adminManually enrol people in a courseYesYesYes
User adminAdd a custom profile fieldNoNoYes
User adminAdd an enrolment method to a courseYesNoYes
User adminManage authentication methodsNoNoYes

Posted: 16 January 2022

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