Fast, secure, mobile and user-friendly

My aim is always to build websites that are:

  • Fast: They load quickly on both large and small screen devices
  • Secure: They use the most up-to-date technology to reduce the risk of hacking
  • Mobile: They will work well on a small-screen device
  • User-friendly: They’re designed around the needs of both the user, and you, the owner

Tools used

I build websites using a suite of tools, depending on what is required.

For small sites, where I manage all the content, I use Jekyll and host on Github Pages.

For medium to large sizes, where a non-technical owner wants to be able to make changes to text and images, I use Grav and host on the French hosting service or the UK service Kualo - although I’m happy to look at your own provider if you prefer.

I can build websites using Wordpress. It will do pretty much anything you throw at it, but can end up becoming a bit of a beast that is then difficult to maintain and keep secure. If you do use Wordpress, I recommend hosting on