About me

Portrait of Mark

Advice and support at the intersection of learning, technology and business: consultant solutions architect, project manager and IT generalist

I bring…

  • Over 30 years experience at the intersection of Education, Learning & Development, Business and Information & Communications technologies
  • Deep knowledge of digital media and systems
  • Strong focus on user experience
  • Solid understanding of the technologies underpinning modern online systems
  • Strong project management and business analysis practices
  • Excellent inter-personal, facilitation, requirements gathering, troubleshooting and communications skills
  • High production standards

I have worked with…

  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Large corporations
  • Small companies
  • Local authorities
  • Government agencies

Brief history

Having spent 11 years in a mixture of teaching and church support roles, I found my niche at Capita, where I developed my skills as a learning technology solutions architect. This allowed me to grow in all sorts of directions - developing sales propositions, managing online communities, building websites, running projects, designing systems, and working closely with technology suppliers.

Twelve years later, in 2012, I was ready to spread my wings and jump full-time into running an independent consulting business - helping all sorts of organisations find, design and use appropriate technologies to meet their training, education and communication needs.

Now I’m living in France, still doing similar things, but as a French “auto-entrepreneur” - the approximate equivalent to the UK’s “self-employed”. My clients are mostly English-speaking, either in the Euro zone, or in the UK.

For longer or larger projects, I put the contracts through Challenge & Co, a “portage salarial”, who manage the invoicing and payroll.