About me

I am an experienced technology consultant, project manager, digital product owner, solution architect, communicator, website designer, musician and aspiring travel writer.

I love working with remote teams and mission-driven organisations.

What do I bring?

  • An ability to communicate and build bridges across Knowledge Management, Learning, Business and IT
  • A deep knowledge of digital media and systems
  • A solid understanding of the technologies underpinning modern online systems
  • Strong project management, business analysis and process design practices
  • Excellent facilitation, requirements gathering, troubleshooting and communications skills
  • An ability to sell - through bid-writing, conversations, workshops and presentations
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Previous assignments

Inter-Governmental Organisation

I grew the digital learning team from a standing start, developed a skills framework, and grew their global Academy to serve over 20,000 users from 140 countries.

Diversity, equity and inclusion specialists

I supported their selection and implementation of a new learning management and content delivery system.

Industry membership organisation

I helped liaise with their learning technology supplier during a rapid development phase.

Content delivery software supplier

I provided expertise around learning technologies for competitor analysis, product development and sales proposals.

Academic and business publisher

I prepared the business case for a new content management system and then was agile coach for their fully remote team of developers during the Alpha phase of a complex software development process.

Leadership training company

I provided technical and application support for their Moodle installation.

Lean consultancy company

I supported their selection of a learning platform through which to market and deliver their online learning courses.


"Mark is a hugely experienced, knowledgeable and well connected professional in the learning technology space. He is also a highly decent human being and fun to work with. We have already recommended him to other companies and know we will likely call on him again when the need arises."
— Hayley Barnard - CEO Mix Diversity
"Mark is one of the best contractors I have ever worked with. If you need something delivered he's your man."
— Piers Lea - Chief Strategy Officer LTG
"Mark is a highly experienced and customer focused consultant with deep technical knowledge of his subject area. He has worked with a really wide variety of clients and is able to tailor his approach to each one. He provided me and my team with consultancy and practical support which enabled us to review and plug gaps in our online learning provision."
— Victoria Waring - Project and Programme Management Specialist

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