An information architect ensures that your information is organised and presented in ways that make sense to the audience.

When information is designed for the audience:

  1. Employees and customers learn more quickly
  2. Less time is wasted in looking for and interpreting the information
  3. People make fewer mistakes
  4. You will attract more customers

How does information architecture work?

Information architecture brings together three elements:

The aim is to ensure that accurate, up-to-date information is available and findable when people need it, with minimal barriers in place to using and understanding that information.

What do I offer?

Every project is different. Some may just involve creating a single document. Others may go as far as redesigning an organisation’s internal document management system or web presence.

Most will typically contain elements of the following:


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Connected web of various ideas
Connected web of ideas [Credit: Juliet MacDowell]

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