Supplier selection

Finding the right supplier is about connecting multiple dots, such as business requirements, culture, technology, legal and user experience.

I can help you:

System implementation

Your learning technology implementation projects depend on someone who can liaise between multiple technical and non-technical stakeholders.

I can help you:

Information architecture

Poorly organised information is difficult to find, navigate and understand. When people can find, navigate and understand your information, they are much more likely to buy from you, or to work in the way you need them to work.

I can help you:

Learning design leadership

Learning design is about more than just using appropriate technology. It's about performance consulting, solution design, relationships with subject matter experts, effective writing, graphic design and media asset creation.

I can help you:

Coaching sessions

In moments of change it often helps to have an independent, external person to talk things through, provide some guidance and ask the right questions.

You might be new in your role, or trying something new in your organisation. If it involves learning, technology or projects or any combination of these, then give me a call.

We'll work out a plan, and also be able to respond to things as they come up.

You can choose for your sessions to be just for you, or to include your team, or a mixture of the two.

They're an opportunity to think through different approaches, to test out ideas, and to clarify thinking.



8 x 50 minute online sessions



8 x 50 minute online sessions

Unlimited email support for the duration of the sessions



8 x 50 minute sessions

Unlimited email support for one year