What is the problem we’re trying to solve?

How do you know there’s a problem?

What are the symptoms?

How many people does it affect?

What is the impact on the organisation?

What would happen if the problem doesn’t get solved?

How will you know the problem is solved?

How “big” is the problem now?

Can you put any numbers to it?

What measurements will you use to monitor whether the problem is solved?

What stops people from doing the “right” thing now?

You might find Cathy Moore’s flowchart a good place to go at this point.

Is it their environment, culture or tools?

Is is lack of knowledge?

Is it lack of skill?

Is it lack of motivation?

What will users have access to?

Will some users have access to some parts of the system, whilst other users have access to other parts?

What will users be able to do?

Once a user is logged in, describe what you expect them to be able to see and do.

Think about: what you want them to do; how they will find what they need to do; and how they will look back and see what they’ve done.

Will their journeys be linear (following a standard path)? Will users be able to choose their route? How will they be guided?

Will all users follow the same route?

What reports do you need?

What reports do you need to be able to see? (Be sure you know WHY)

What reports do your clients need to be able to see?

What reports do your end users need to be able to see?