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If you’ve watched Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares you’ll know that the standard approach is:

  1. Clean the kitchen and the fridge
  2. Introduce a new, simplified menu
  3. Cook good food from scratch
  4. Talk to each other about the things that matter
  5. Refit the dining room

Let’s put that into the context of an organisation that’s struggling to survive in a digital world…

Is there a standard approach we could use?

First off, where are the typical pain points?

  • Messy data, files and processes
  • Trying to do too much
  • Using tools without knowing how to get the best out of them
  • Poor communication
  • Disconnect between what’s on offer and what the customer wants

See the parallels yet?

Digital nightmare troubleshooting

  1. Identify the hidden problems with data, files and processes, show them to those who should take responsibility, and take time to do a deep clean.
  2. Go back to first principles - looking at your vision, your customers and your offer. Simplify as much as possible.
  3. Coach people to use their tools more effectively, or remove the tools that aren’t adding value
  4. Instigate practices (not just tools) that aid communication, such as regular 1-1’s, team stand ups, lessons learned workshops and visual task management
  5. Listen to customers, employees and volunteers - and make changes accordingly

Turning a complex organisation around is probably going to take more than a week (unlike the restaurants in Gordon Ramsey’s programme). But, given the will from senior leaders, digital transformation is possible, and can be done in a short time, as demonstrated by many organisations this year.

Posted: 26 December 2020

Tags: Technology Business Change