Building capabilities in groups and individuals

I’ve been a teacher of one sort or other for my whole career. I also know, from experience, the importance of continual learning to maintain interest and to ensure I remain relevant.

Working with teams or individuals, I will help you:

  1. Identify your skills gaps
  2. Put together proactive development plans
  3. Respond to immediate challenges
  4. Reflect on what and how you’re learning

If it involves learning, technology or projects or any combination of these, then I can help.

Each session will be an opportunity to think through different approaches, to test out ideas, and to clarify thinking.

The exact contents of each session depends on the composition of the group and needs of the individuals. For some they will be facilitated action learning sets. Others may require more structure and direction. We will decide the approach during the first session together.


10 online, 50 minute sessions, with unlimited email support for one year:

Group size Price per person
1 £999
2 £849
3 £722
4 £614
5 £521

20% discount for charities, NHS and small companies (under 50 employees)

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